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Ten items of water, ten items of soil, ten items of water, ten items of soil, etc

Release time:2020-10-27 

  The introduction of the "ten water regulations" and supporting policies will promote the outbreak of the market in sewage treatment, environmental pollution control and monitoring sectors. The sectors of environmental protection equipment and testing equipment will take the lead, and the listed companies such as Tianjin membrane technology and bishuiyuan will benefit the most. The capital market will also be further expanded with the promotion of the upcoming "ten articles" and PPP policy.

  In the capital market, every time environmental protection policy is implemented, environmental protection stocks are active. In order to effectively implement the policy, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of environmental protection jointly issued the PPP mode operation process after the "ten water items" were released. Industry insiders expect that there will be relevant subdivision policies in the future.

  The introduction of supporting policies will lead to the outbreak of market in sewage treatment, environmental pollution control and monitoring sectors. The benefits of the sectors are listed as follows: sewage treatment engineering, environmental pollution control, environmental monitoring, environmental protection equipment, reclaimed water and seawater desalination, water-saving irrigation, landscaping and maintenance, soil and water conservation and ecological restoration.

  Under the expectation that the ten items of atmosphere, water and soil will be released one after another or soon to be released, the whole energy conservation and environmental protection plate can be the target of medium and long-term layout. So, which listed companies benefit most from the "water ten"?

  Tianjin membrane technology: the company's orders will gradually increase with the increase of industry investment, and the company is a small company in the "big industry", with huge growth space.

  Bishuiyuan: private SEO may become the watershed of performance growth, and the growth is expected to accelerate in 15 years; the asset light mode under the background of PPP can still maintain a high rate of return on assets and profit growth.

  China National Water: a major breakthrough has been made in the high difficulty industrial wastewater treatment business, and the development prospect is promising; the merger and acquisition of Yisitong form the first mover advantage in the rural water market; the commercialization process of aquaporin membrane is about to start, and the future prospect is promising.

  Capital stock: the company holds the resources of water operation assets, and has the first mover advantage in the subsequent upgrading and transformation, sludge disposal, reclaimed water and other businesses.

  Hanlan environment: the company will copy the "South China Sea mode" and realize the strategic goal of becoming "an influential investor and operator of systematic environmental services in China".

  Sound environment: a leading enterprise in the field of solid waste disposal engineering system integration in China. After being controlled by Tsinghua, sound environment will become the only environmental protection listing platform of Tsinghua department, and the environmental protection asset integration platform will be opened.

  In the next step, the Ministry of environmental protection will issue supporting measures, assessment methods and implementation rules to implement the "ten water rules". Source treatment will become the focus, and attention to groundwater will be strengthened. At present, China's wastewater treatment and discharge standards are low, and there is an urgent need for upgrading and reconstruction of wastewater treatment plants. The wastewater treatment industry will still develop, and the gradual introduction of relevant supporting policies will be the new normal.

  What other supportive policies will be introduced in 2015? After the promulgation of the national "ten articles on gas" and "ten articles on water", soil pollution control, as one of the three major actions to declare war on pollution, has been included in the planning of the decision-making level. The "ten articles on soil" is expected to be published in the second half of this year at the earliest. Therefore, investors can bargain this year to lay out relevant concept stocks, such as Yongqing environmental protection, Tiehan ecology, Willy, greenway, sound environment and Dongjiang ring Insurance, etc.

  PPP promotes all kinds of capital to enter and participate deeply. Under the PPP mode, large orders are released in a centralized way, which is difficult to match the overall small-scale environmental protection companies, such as large financing demand, government negotiation ability, order acquisition ability, etc.; on the other hand, all kinds of capital smell the huge market under the PPP mode of environmental protection and seek various channels to enter. According to statistics, there are more than 10 cases of environmental protection transformation in other industries since this year, including Dalian holding, Qiyuan equipment, Tianbao heavy equipment, Nanjing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and other enterprises entering the environmental protection industry through mergers and acquisitions, asset replacement and fund establishment. In addition, five environmental protection companies, including wanbangda, Shengyun environmental protection, Xianhe environmental protection, have set up new industrial merger and acquisition funds this year (with a total scale of more than 10 billion yuan) In depth cooperation with various types of capital.